PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50
PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50
PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50
PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50
PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50
PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50
PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50
PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50
PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50
PCH1000  <BR>Gas-Powered <br>Pulling/Lifting Winch <br>GXH50

Pulling/Lifting Winch


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Lifting in complete safety
Specifically designed for the lifting needs of the industrial sector, the PCH1000 features the Progressive Capture System (PCS), which is essential for lifting, lowering and holding loads safely. Whether for telecommunications structures assembly, for lifting various equipment on a site or simply for pulling loads, the PCH1000 is versatile and safe. In addition, a wide variety of anchoring systems are available so you can easily do your setup.

Located between the engine and the gearbox, the clutch system ensures that the capstan drum does not rotate when the engine idles. Once the rope is inserted into the PCS, the operator activates the clutch and initiates the movement simply by pulling on the rope horizontally. The rope grabbing system prevents the rope from slipping on the drum and holds the load when the rope is released. The winch can also be used to lower a load by disengaging the Progressive Capture System. To do this, the operator should simply pull the handle of the grabbing system cord and control the main rope during the descent.

Equipped with the 4-stroke GXH50 Honda engine, the PCH1000 develops a pulling force of 775 kg and offers a lifting capacity of 250 kg in a single line setup. Of course, a block and tackle system will allow you to increase its capacity!

Series Industrial
Designed in 2009
Motor/Engine Honda GXH50 4-stroke
1.6 kW - 2.1 HP @ 7,000 tr/min
Powered by Unleaded gasoline, 86 octane or higher
Rope Retention System Progressive capture system (PCS)
Drum turns when motor/engine is idling No
Pulling Capacity
   Standard drum (single line / double line) Ø 57 mm: 775 kg / 1,550 kg
   Optional drum (single line / double line) Ø 85 mm: 540 kg / 1,080 kg
Lifting Capacity
   Standard drum (single line / double line) Ø 57 mm: 250 kg / 500 kg
   Optional drum (single line / double line) Ø 85 mm: 175 kg / 350 kg
     Standard drum Ø 57 mm: 12 m/min
     Optional drum Ø 85 mm: 18 m/min
Weight 19 kg
Dimensions (overall) 50.5 cm x 36.6 cm x 36.6 cm
Aluminium alloy. Heat treated 3-stage spur gears. Shafts mounted on ball bearings. Oil bath lubrication.
 Gear ratio 110:1
 Brake Anti-reversing roller clutch bearing
Rope (not included)
Low stretch double braided polyester
 Length Unlimited
    Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)
3,300 kg
 Minimum diameter Ø 12 mm
 Maximum diameter Ø 13 mm
 Recommended diameter Ø 12 mm
 For lifting Ø 12 mm with eye splice and thimble
Polyester sling - 60 mm x 2 m
Warranty Once purchased, register your winch online and get 1 additional year of warranty for FREE!
 Private use 2 years
 Commercial use 1 year
 Motor/Engine Honda International Warranty

Lifting Classification (ISO): M3 

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