PCW3000-Li no battery
80/82 V Battery-Powered Accessorized Winch
80/82 V Battery-Powered Accessorized Winch
80/82 V Battery-Powered Accessorized Winch
80/82 V Battery-Powered Accessorized Winch
80/82 V Battery-Powered Accessorized Winch
80/82 V Battery-Powered Accessorized Winch
80/82 V Battery-Powered Accessorized Winch
80/82 V Battery-Powered Accessorized Winch
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80/82 V Battery-Powered Accessorized Winch

This revolutionary model develops a remarkable pulling force of 2,200 lb without mechanical advantage. Totally maintenance free and zero emission. A smart choice!

Warranty: 5 years

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  1. PCW3000-Li
  2. Rope bag to store and carry your rope
  3. 50 m (164 ft) rope for smooth pulling operations
  4. RopeWizerTM - The Easy Splice to retain nearly 100% of the capacity of your rope and easily attach the carabiner
  5. Single pulley to either deviate the pull angle or double the power of the winch
  6. Steel locking carabiners 2x; one to link the pulley to the sling and one for the end of your rope
  7. Safety Hook with Latch to place at the end of the rope to easily attach to the load
  8. 2 m (6 ½ ft) Polyester sling to attach the pulley to a tree for example
  9. 2.5 m (8 ¼ ft) round polyester sling to anchor the winch wherever you need it!
  10. 82 V Lithium-Ion Battery of 2.5 Ah
  11. Rapid Charger

The revolutionary winch.

People from around the world was gathered when this model was launched in 2018. The very first battery-powered winch.
Equipped with a powerful motor adjustable to three speeds, the PCW3000-Li can be used both indoors and outdoors, down to -14˚C (-6.8˚F). A brushless electric motor that is 360° inclinable. It's a direct drive, meaning no clutch.

Depending on the speed selected and the weight of the load pulled, the battery will give you autonomy for 20 to 40 minutes of continuous pulling, without any loss of power. Always ready to work, no maintenance is required when you put it away.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Yves Monette
Une vrai merveille le portable winch a batterie

Je suis un client super satisfait avec mon portawinch avec batterie au lithium.
Super duré de la batterie au delà de mes espérances et que dire de force de tire associé au poulie.J’ai un lot à bois en pente je peut maintenant sortir du bois ou je n’aurais jamais pensé . MERCI Portable Winch

Denis Guillemette
Fast !!!

Was surprised at how fast I received my winch...Thanks for the service...much appreciated...

Martin Savard
Vraiment superbe outil!

Je m'en sers sur mes terres à bois et je suis toujours impressionné par ses bonnes performances.

Steve Kompst
Awesome winch

Used it the second day. Pulled rocks, docks and a few friends from the water. Power and portability was a huge advantage. Only problem was some of my friends kept letting go of the rope. Wonderful product. Highly recommend.

Richard Coleman
Great product

I’m really pleased with this winch. The battery compatibility across multiple brands is a big plus. My only complaint is that the friction coefficient of the drums make the type of rope you can work with very limited. I wish they had more drum options for other rope types.

Glad the winch and batteries do the job!
Regarding the rope, it is true that friction is key. It is the basic principle of our winches. After almost 20 years manufacturing them, we came to the conclusion that polyester is the most efficient material to work on the capstan drums and the most cost efficient too. It grabs well on the drum (especially after having used it a few times) and it has a good resistance to heat.
Other materials, like you mentioned, will either slip on the drum or get damaged due to the heat generated by the friction. We encourage you to take a look at our rope selection to make sure you get the right one to use with your Portable Winch at https://www.portablewinch.com/collections/ropes.