PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000   Gas-Powered Winch

PCW4000 Gas-Powered Winch


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Rapid Fire Info

  • Designed in 2020
  • Warranty: 5 years (See details)
  • Powered by Honda GX50 4-stroke - 360° inclinable - Air-cooled - 1.47 kW - 2.0 HP @ 7000 tr/min
  • Unleaded gasoline, 86 octane or higher
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Features the anti-rollback mechanism to retain the rope*
  • Drum size: 76 mm
  • Recommended rope diameter: 10 mm"
  • What's included with the winch: an 8' round sling (PCA-1350)
  • Not designed for lifting!

For the complete specification sheet, see under Additional Information section below.

*Note: the ARM rope grabbing system cannot be installed on our other pulling winches. The main reason is that the PCW3000-Li, PCW3000, PCW5000 and PCW5000-HS winches do not have a centrifugal clutch, which is an essential component of the system on the PCW4000. 

Useful Links

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Thirsty for even more information? Find out all there is to know about the PCW4000 by visiting this fully dedicated microsite!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Two horsepower monster

As an arborist working in remote regions, the PCW 4000 has been a reliable workhorse for me for over two years. It has been an absolute game-changer. Capable of getting some real nasty trees down with no fear of hang-ups and saving my back by rigging moving brush and logs across properties.

I have used the anti-rollback device with confidence for particularly tricky jobs, such as one massive oak tree that was leaning heavily on top of a cabin. Climbed up 20 ft put a rigging line in the oak tree and with the PCW 4000 set up, I left a huge hinge in the trunk and pulled it away from destroying the cabin. The anti-rollback device made sure the winch did not slide back while I was making progress, providing me with greater control and ensuring a safe outcome.

I was able to lot clear and neatly stack all the logs on a water access property. After each tree was felled, the winch made it simple to drag the logs to a safe location and stack them in a neat and organized manner.

Overall, I highly recommend the PCW 4000 portable winch with its anti-rollback device to anyone in the arborist industry or anyone who needs a reliable and powerful winch for their work. It's portable, easy to use, incredibly powerful, and the anti-rollback device provides an extra layer of control and safety during particularly challenging jobs. Additionally, the Portable Winch Company has superb customer service, which is an added bonus. I have had a great experience with this equipment and company and would not hesitate to purchase from them again.

Mark Taylor
PCW4000 Winch

This winch works great! With quality to match. Great product and would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a winch where a vehicle mounted winch can’t go.

Omar Dahroug


Easy to Use Powerful Winch

I used my PCW4000 for the first time today to aid in cleaning up downed trees and limbs from multiple winter storms this year. The winch was very easy to use and handled the loads with ease. The Honda engine was quick to start. The PCW4000 saved me a lot of time and effort and it is definitely worth the money. I should also say the on-line videos at the Portable Winch website are very informative and helpful.

Quality hardware that does the job

When I received the winch, I was amazed at the quality and size -- well built and compact. Among other things, I have used it for pullling a boat up a hill, pulling a PWC on a trailer out of a lake through the muck and pulling boat lifts from lake to land. The anti rollback mechanism is a great plus. This winch has been a very good purchase for me.