GX35 Gas-Powered Portable Winch
GX35 Gas-Powered Portable Winch
GX35 Gas-Powered Portable Winch
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GX35 Gas-Powered Portable Winch

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Features the GX35 engine by Honda, an all-position engine. This winch delivers incredible pulling power in the smallest format designed by Portable Winch Co.

Warranty: 5 years

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The Lightest.

Designed in 2012, born to meet the demand for an even more portable model than the original PCW5000 winch. Its capstan drum concept allows users to pull loads over an unlimited length of rope. A technical gem: delivering incredible pulling power, in the smallest format Portable Winch has ever made.

Lightweight, simple and efficient.

Powered by Honda GX35 4-stroke engine, 360° inclinable and air-cooled. The PCW3000 can pull up to 700 kg (1,600 lbs.) without mechanical advantage. Add a pulley system, you can go up to five times (5x) the pulling power. That means, with two double pulleys, you could move up to 3,500 kg (8,000 lb)!

In addition, a wide range of accessories has been designed specifically to carry it over long distances such as the Molded Pack Frame PCA-0104 and the Molded Transport Case PCA-0102!

  • Unleaded gasoline, 86 octane or higher
  • Direct drive (no clutch)
  • Drum size: 76 mm (3 in)

* Click on the "Download" tab to get the detailed product specifications, user manual and more.

PCW3000 winch box kit
  1. PCW3000
  2. Rope bag to store and carry your rope
  3. 50 m (164 ft) rope for smooth pulling operations
  4. RopeWizerTM - The Easy Splice to retain nearly 100% of the capacity of your rope and easily attach the carabiner
  5. Single pulley to either deviate the pull angle or double the power of the winch
  6. Steel locking carabiners 2x; one to link the pulley to the sling and one for the end of your rope
  7. Safety Hook with Latch to place at the end of the rope to easily attach to the load
  8. 2 m (6 ½ ft) Polyester sling to attach the pulley to a tree for example
  9. 2.5 m (8 ¼ ft) round polyester sling to anchor the winch wherever you need it!
  1. PCW3000
  2. 2.5 m (8 ¼ ft) round polyester sling to anchor the winch wherever you need it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ryan Smith
Excellent product

Although I have yet to use it for hunting as intended, it works amazing and starts on a dime. Thank you for a great product.

Joel Desjardins
Bon produit

Dommage qu’il soit pas équipé d’un auto bloquage pour garder la tension

Ed Hultgren

Just finished reading the owner’s manual on the Winch and am finishing the manual on the engine.
Planning on using it this weekend to pull wood rounds out of the forest.
I’ll have video afterwards.
Looking forward to it.

Kelly Mulheren
Fantastic equipment; Fantastic videos

The winch and forestry kit are fantastic. So easy to use and a lifesaver for pulling firewood logs out of the woods. And the set of videos are fantastic. Portable Winch is a great company in every regard.

A must have for any outdoorsman

I purchased this winch for a moose hunt with my daughter (all my buddies were on other hunts and we needed muscle) we never needed to use it for the hunt but if we didn’t have it we would have needed it for sure. (Drove ATV right to the moose) Used it for a lot of jobs around the woodlot and to pull a ride in lawnmower up a 150 foot cliff after my father in law flipped it over the hill (he’s ok and fully recovered) it would have cost thousands to get a tow truck to recover it plus damage to the property getting to the river bank. I plan on adding a good selection of accessories for future use. Thanks portable winch for manufacturing such great products.