GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
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GX50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch

Features the GX50 engine by Honda, an all-position engine. This winch also stands out by providing perfect control over the movement of a load with the quick release automatic anti rollback mechanism.

Warranty: 5 years

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  1. PCW4000
  2. Rope bag to store and carry your rope
  3. 50 m (164 ft) rope for smooth pulling operations
  4. RopeWizerTM - The Easy Splice to retain nearly 100% of the capacity of your rope and easily attach the carabiner
  5. Single pulley to either deviate the pull angle or double the power of the winch
  6. Steel locking carabiners 2x; one to link the pulley to the sling and one for the end of your rope
  7. Safety Hook with Latch to place at the end of the rope to easily attach to the load
  8. 2 m (6 ½ ft) Polyester sling to attach the pulley to a tree for example
  9. 2.5 m (8 ¼ ft) round polyester sling to anchor the winch wherever you need it!

The last born.

Launched in 2020, designed after having listened to our wincher’s community to fulfill another need.

The PCW4000 features a centrifugal clutch that activates when you pull the rope. The more you pull, the more throttle you give. When the tension on the rope is released, the drum stops spinning and the automatic quick-release anti-rollback mechanism (aka the ARM) holds the load flawlessly in position! A simple lateral movement is all it takes to disengage the rope. Easy to secure and easy to disengage!

This model is powered by the 360° inclinable 4-stroke Honda GX50 engine for smooth performance and reliability, offering a remarkable pulling force of 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). Add a pulley system of two double pulleys; you can pull up to five times (5x) the pulling capacity, for a total of 5,000 kg (11,000 lb)!

And like all our portable capstan winches, there is no limit to the pulling distance thanks to the capstan principle.

  • Unleaded gasoline, 86 octane or higher
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Drum size: 76 mm

*Note: the ARM cannot be installed on other pulling winches mainly because the other models don't have a centrifugal clutch and that the ARM acts as the throttle on the PCW4000, which cannot be replicated on direct shafted winches.

* View the "Additional Information" tab for even more specific details and helpful links. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Greg Hammond
Great Product

Awesome pulling power!!

Warren Haywood
Really exceeded my expectations.

Overall the process of purchasing to the delivery which arrived sooner than promised was really quite smooth. A small stumbling block at the authorized dealer but I was happy to deal direct anyhow.
The machine punches far above its weight and I am sure it will prove it’s worth for many years.

Darrin Laurin
Saved my $&!?

When I went through the ice on a snow machine.

Two horsepower monster

As an arborist working in remote regions, the PCW 4000 has been a reliable workhorse for me for over two years. It has been an absolute game-changer. Capable of getting some real nasty trees down with no fear of hang-ups and saving my back by rigging moving brush and logs across properties.

I have used the anti-rollback device with confidence for particularly tricky jobs, such as one massive oak tree that was leaning heavily on top of a cabin. Climbed up 20 ft put a rigging line in the oak tree and with the PCW 4000 set up, I left a huge hinge in the trunk and pulled it away from destroying the cabin. The anti-rollback device made sure the winch did not slide back while I was making progress, providing me with greater control and ensuring a safe outcome.

I was able to lot clear and neatly stack all the logs on a water access property. After each tree was felled, the winch made it simple to drag the logs to a safe location and stack them in a neat and organized manner.

Overall, I highly recommend the PCW 4000 portable winch with its anti-rollback device to anyone in the arborist industry or anyone who needs a reliable and powerful winch for their work. It's portable, easy to use, incredibly powerful, and the anti-rollback device provides an extra layer of control and safety during particularly challenging jobs. Additionally, the Portable Winch Company has superb customer service, which is an added bonus. I have had a great experience with this equipment and company and would not hesitate to purchase from them again.

Paul Juhnke
Fantastic Machine - PCW4000

For several years, I've wanted a gas-powered Capstan Winch for snowmobile and rock-crawler rescue missions. Researched the market and bought a PCW4000 Off Road Kit from Portable Winch Company in Canada. Also bought several Portable Winch Company accessories. Very nice people to work with! Everything they advertised, everything they said, they performed, and more. Very honorable company, pleasure to do business with. Our first rescue mission; haul my M8 Arctic Cat from a steep Sierra Nevada mountainside, 100 ft down from a groomed snowmobile trail, 3-1/2 miles from road vehicle access. Don't ask how the M8 got down the mountainside all by itself, with no rider, must have a mind of its own, somehow missing all the big trees. Luckily, it wasn't damaged, caught on a small pine tree. The Portable Winch PCW4000 worked fantastic! Our planned rescue mission went better and faster than we envisioned. Was easy to learn how to use the PCW4000, added crankcase oil & gas, fired right up, did a test run at home pulling my ATV. Had four people for precaution and safety, job done! The PCW4000 centrifugal clutch, rope-holding anti-reverse mechanism, and auto-throttle are well-designed, strong, and work fantastic. Those features added greatly to the overall success of our mission and safe load control. Was easy to safely and reliably stop pulling, check with our team members, and resume the pull. Our M8 is back in our trailer, at home, safe and sound. Thanks Portable Winch Company! You folks are FANTASTIC !!