GXH50 Gas-Powered Pulling Winch
GXH50 Gas-Powered Pulling Winch
GXH50 Gas-Powered Pulling Winch
GXH50 Honda Winch
GXH50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GXH50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GXH50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GXH50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch
GXH50 Gas-Powered Accessorized Winch

GXH50 Gas-Powered Pulling Winch

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Features the GXH50 engine by Honda, a commercial grade engine that will never let you down. This winch is inexhaustible and will be your ally to do whatever job you have to do; whether it's for pulling trees out of the woods, getting a stuck vehicle out, or any other purpose.

Warranty: 5 years

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The original winch.

The sturdy design of the PCW5000 still proudly bears the Portable Winch signature quality and durability; an ingenious product, to deliver lasting power, without compromise. Thanks to its industrial-grade GXH50 4-stroke engine, this winch delivers all its power for several hundred hours with a constant pulling speed of 12 m (40 ft) per minute. The capstan winch concept allows to pull loads without loss of power, in a simple, effective, and safe way.
For more speed, a larger drum of 85 mm (3 ⅜ in) is available as an option to reach a 50% faster pulling speed of 18 m (60 ft) per minute.

The PCW5000 develops a remarkable pulling force of 1,000 kg (2,200 lb) over an unlimited length of rope. Use a block and tackle to get up to five times (5x) the pulling force. This means, with two double pulleys, you could pull up to 5,000 kg (11,000 lb)!

  • Unleaded gasoline, 86 octane or higher
  • Direct drive (no clutch)
  • Standard drum size: 57 mm (2-1/4 in)
  • Optional drum size: 85 mm (3-3/8 in)

* Click on the "Download" tab to get the detailed product specifications, user manual and more.

PCW5000 box kit
  1. PCW5000
  2. Rope bag to store and carry your rope
  3. 50 m (164 ft) rope for smooth pulling operations
  4. RopeWizerTM - The Easy Splice to retain nearly 100% of the capacity of your rope and easily attach the carabiner
  5. Single pulley to either deviate the pull angle or double the power of the winch
  6. Steel locking carabiners 2x; one to link the pulley to the sling and one for the end of your rope
  7. Safety Hook with Latch to place at the end of the rope to easily attach to the load
  8. 2 m (6 ½ ft) Polyester sling to attach the pulley to a tree for example
  9. 2.5 m (8 ¼ ft) round polyester sling to anchor the winch wherever you need it!
  1. PCW5000
  2. 2.5 m (8 ¼ ft) round polyester sling to anchor the winch wherever you need it!

Customer Reviews

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russell ed
moose puller

Have been using my winch for over 10 years now and can't imagine going into the woods without it. Have pulled moose, down trees, stuck vehicles, elk and deer with great success. Indispensable!

chris morine
AMAZING, such a vulnerable piece of equipment

I purchased this about 8 months ago in the winter. “As a tree climber” for a logging job. Once I started learning how to use it and understanding mechanical advantage, it was on like donkey Kong. I can’t begin to give enough praise. This machine is a huge asset to my small tree climber business. The amount of logs I have pulled up some crazy train. Is insane. Once you understand what the winch is capable of and how you manipulate it with mechanical advantage, and adding pulleys. You really start to get your moneys worth. I went with the PCW5000. Because I’m a tree guy and wanted the max capacity. But I would highly recommend this to any small business or land owner with lots of logging. A few thing you should buy right from the beginning.
A skidding cone
Skidding chain/rope
The right rope and definitely the tree mounting system or truck mount system.
As well as 2-4-6 snatch blocks.
And 2-4-6 undress rope runners
2-4-6 steal triple locking carabiner’s.
With all that you will be unstoppable!


Years ago watched a pcw3000 pull my harvested moose down to the Churchill River. Now I have a pcw5000-A & have storm damaged logging to do. Can’t wait!!! Tried the cone!!! What a super accessory!!!! Sure is a time saver!

Valerie Robitaille

Je me sert de mon portable winch pour retirer tout le bois qui est tombé lors de la tornade de mai dernier dans Les Laurentides et je suis plus que satisfait, je vais m’en servir à la chasse l’automne. Bref je ne pourrais m’en passer, bien bâti, fiable et très utiles 👍

Small Scale Timber salvage

Bought this to skid 12" to 18" plus 20 foot logs with. Went above my expectations in delivery, service, and performance. Great product.