More about Anchorings

As our winches are portable, they can be anchored anywhere! As you will notice in this section, Portable Winch Co. has developed different modular anchoring devices that allow a wide variety of fixed objects to be used as anchor points. Whether it is a cylindrical object (tree, pole, etc.), a vehicle, a pylon, and even a floor, all can be used as an anchor point for your winch, using the right equipment especially designed for this purpose. 


The easiest way is to do this is to use the slings (PCA-1350 or PCA-1260provided with each winch. Attach the sling to one of the winch’s hooks, wrap the sling around your anchor point and insert its other end into the second hook.

There are 2 and 3-metre slings to adapt to different sizes or poles. Other anchoring systems will give you more stability and a more comfortable working position.

The PCA-1269 (Tree-Mount anchor) is designed to be as light as possible. The PCA-1263 (Tree-Mount anchor with rubber pads) offers several possibilities in combination with the PCA-1268 (winch support plate), PCA-1332 (Pivot anchor for vertical pull), PCA-1264 (Vertical Pull) or PCA-2264 (Vertical pull for the PCH2000) for instance.

Furthermore, the Tree-Mount anchor with rubber pads (PCA-1263) will not damage the tree or pole on which it is anchored thanks to its rubber pads.



We offer anchoring systems that are suitable for North American and European tow hitch and tow balls.

The anchor hitch plate for towing balls (PCA-1261) is excellent for light works, but its use is not recommended for industrial applications.

For an intensive use, it is preferable to use a square tube (PCA-1267) in North America, or the Heck-Pack system (PCA-1266) in Europe, in combination with other accessories


The pylon-mount winch anchor (PCA-1806) is designed to be firmly secured on the 90° "V" shaped steel angles that are commonly used in the construction of pylons and telecommunication towers.

It will then be combined with other accessories depending on the application.


The floor-mount anchor (PCA-1805) is perfect for pulling electrical wiring through pipes and/or to an electrical panel where other anchor points are not available. Simply anchor it to the ground so that it is well aligned with the load.