RopeWizer<sup>TM</sup> - The Easy Splice
Easy Splice RopeWizer
RopeWizer<sup>TM</sup> - The Easy Splice
RopeWizer Spec PCA-1360
PCA-1360 RopeWizer Easy splice
RopeWizer Splice
RopeWizer + Cone
PCA-1360 01
RopeWizer<sup>TM</sup> - The Easy Splice


RopeWizerTM - The Easy Splice

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Work safer and extend the life of your rope using the RopeWizerTM!

Standard knots reduce the rope capacity by 30-50%. The only way to keep it nearly at 100% was to have a splice done by a professional. But not anymore! The RopeWizerTM is easy to attachto the end of your rope and gives you all the benefits of a conventional splice, without the expensive price tag!

Watch the video for more information and learn how to tie the special knot!

Recommended to use with ropes that are 10mm (3/8") in diameter. Can be used with ropes up to 12mm (1/2") diameter.

Opening diameter is 16mm ( 5/8"). 

The minimum breaking strength is (MBS): 25 kN (5620 lbs / 2,549 kg)

**The RopeWizerTM must be used with the minimum safety factor of 2.**

Link to download the manual

Customer Reviews

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Clever idea

Gives a lot of confidence when using 10mm ropes on heavier loads

simon bertrand


W Smith

I have not had an opportunity to try this device out yet. That said, I was looking just type of item for several months before finding it at Portable Winch when I was ordering an additional single pulley block and several carabiners for my hunting kit. This deviocer will permit me to attach the bitter end of the block and tackle setup to a quad's hitch without damage to the 3/4" Portable Winch rope, and this should make it easier to move an adult moose than having people pull on the rope.

John Chadbourne
Great product

Brought the ropewizer for my 3/8rope worked great ,you won’t be disappointed

Gregory Doucette

No worries of s disconnect when pulling logs