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RopeWizer<sup>TM</sup> - The Easy Splice
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RopeWizer<sup>TM</sup> - The Easy Splice


RopeWizerTM - The Easy Splice

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Work safer and extend the life of your rope using the RopeWizerTM!

Standard knotsreduce the rope capacity by 30-50%. The only way to keep it nearly at 100% was to have a splice done by a professional. But not anymore! The RopeWizerTM is easy to attachto the end of your rope and gives you all the benefits of a conventional splice, without the expensive price tag!

Watch the video for more information and learn how to tie the special knot!

Recommended to use with ropes that are 10mm (3/8") in diameter. Can be used with ropes up to 12mm (1/2") diameter.

Opening diameter is 16mm ( 5/8"). 

The minimum breaking strength is (MBS): 25 kN (5620 lbs / 2,549 kg)

**The RopeWizerTM must be used with the minimum safety factor of 2.**

Link to download the manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Super ropewizer

J’ai acheté 2 ropewizer très satisfait facile à installer très robuste va prolonger la vie de ma corde

Mark Lewis
Ingenious & Super Handy

I used to keep a bowline loop tied onto one end of my ropes for my PCW-3000 and PCW-4000. I was intrigued by the videos about RopeWizer, so I ordered one for each rope. Very ingenious on three counts: the carabiner is not pulling on the rope directly (eliminates any possible friction; it takes less space than my former bowline loop, and it is a stronger setup (more wraps, no hard bends in the rope) so I get more pulling capacity out of the ropes. I am VERY glad I got these

Russell Wilkins
great new tool

Very ingenous device, works very well.

Pierre Larose
Very good

Easy to use and helpfull

Peter Jaworski
Jury's Still Out

I didn't notice any improvement in pulling power with the RopeWizer versus the hook and bowline knot. If anything it seemed like it put more stress on the rope during use. But no two pulls are exactly the same so it's hard to say if it was better or worse. I'm open to suggestions since I may be doing something wrong.

Good day Mr. Jaworski,

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments. Just to clarify the expectations towards the RopeWizer, I have to say that the accessory is not meant to add power; it improves the rope's capacity during the pull, preserving more of the rope's capacity than a bowline knot would. You will therefore feel no difference during the pulling operation. It is only at the rope's breaking point that the RopeWizer will do what it does. I hope this will be helpful and please don't hesitate to call our team if you have any questions!